Testosterone replacement therapy helps you decrease fat mass, increase muscle size, raise bone density, and boost your libido. TRT also improves verbal memory and processing speed. Testosterone therapy also referred to as testosterone replacement therapy involves the use of prescription testosterone replacement for men and women who are experiencing a testosterone deficiency. It usually is offered in three different options in order to address low t. Men and women can choose the following alternatives for treatment:

  • A patch is worn on the skin every day
  • Hormone injections
  • Pellets that are inserted beneath the skin and released over time

One of our highly qualified physicians must prescribe testosterone therapy and can give advice about the best treatment options. For men and women who would prefer to not deal with daily dosages, the insertion of hormone pellets is a popular option. This alternative is only necessary every four or five months. There is no need to worry about forgetting a dose and it is possible to make an appointment in advance when it is time for more hormone pellets. Otherwise, it may be possible to have hormone injections that are only once a week. In some cases, these injections could be less than once a week.
testosterone therapy.

Who Needs Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy is recommended for adults only. It is typically prescribed for men who have experienced symptoms of low t. This is common for men over the age of 45, although hormonal imbalances and fluctuations are possible at a younger age in some cases. When men are in their late teens and early twenties, their testosterone levels are at their peak. This is the point in a man’s life when he feels strong and full of energy. It is easy to take on a rigorous workout and maintain stamina. Libido is strong at this time. Men feel like they are filled with vitality when their testosterone levels are high.

However, testosterone levels will gradually decrease over time. As men age, these levels will drop more significantly as the reproductive system slows down. It is a natural part of aging, but it can make a man feel uncomfortable symptoms. While some individuals may not notice a significant change, others find that low testosterone levels can turn their world upside down. This is the point that hormone replacement therapy can help to restore balance in the body. It is important to understand that testosterone replacement therapy should not be prescribed for bodybuilders. It is intended for individuals who are suffering from symptoms related to low testosterone levels.

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels?

When a man is suffering from low testosterone levels that are significant, he is going to notice a difference in the way that he is feeling. It is typical to feel fatigue as testosterone levels drop. A man can get plenty of sleep and still feel like he is dragging throughout the day. It is also common to experience bouts of insomnia as testosterone levels decrease, making it hard to get the rest necessary to make it through the day. Low testosterone levels make it hard to focus at work and concentrate. Memory is often affected as well. Irritability and mood swings are typical symptoms of low testosterone levels. A man’s metabolism is affected as well, causing weight gain even when there have been no changes in routines.

Low stamina and loss of strength are typical to the point that it is difficult to exercise. A loss of libido is another common effect of low testosterone levels that can have a serious impact on relationships. When a man experiences all or many of these symptoms, it is time to consider hormone replacement therapy. Women can experience symptoms of decreased testosterone levels as well, especially difficulties feeling arousal. Other symptoms include depression, anxiety, fatigue, irregular periods, weight gain, and hair loss. Hormone replacement therapy can make a difference.

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

Hormone replacement therapy is safe when it is prescribed by one of our doctors on staff. It is important to seek medical assistance before beginning hormone replacement therapy in order to have a thorough evaluation to ensure no other serious health concern is causing your symptoms. In some cases, high blood pressure or a heart condition could be causing symptoms that are similar to those caused by low testosterone levels. Our physician will also ensure that the dosage is correct in order to suit the needs of the individual.

How to Get Started with Hormone Replacement Therapy?

In order to get started with hormone replacement therapy, a man or woman must first make an appointment with one of our physicians in order to openly discuss his or her symptoms. A physical evaluation is considered the next step to get to the bottom of why a person is experiencing symptoms of discomfort. A blood test will be advised to check testosterone levels. If there is a significant decrease in testosterone levels and no other health issue to blame for a patient’s symptoms, our doctor can recommend hormone replacement. This is the point to learn about:

  • Treatment options
  • Dosage recommendations
  • Possible side effects
  • When to expect results

Once hormone replacement therapy begins, our physician will monitor a patient’s progress regularly to make any adjustments in treatment as needed.

What Kind of a Result Can a Man Expect with Hormone Replacement Therapy?

With consistent treatment, a man undergoing hormone replacement therapy should notice significant results. A boost in energy levels is typical. Patients undergoing treatment typically feel stronger and experience greater stamina once again. It is possible to be more active, return to a more rigorous workout routine, and manage weight control. Moods tend to become balanced. Patients tend to feel well-rested and get a good night’s rest. A return of libido makes intimacy much more promising once again. Women can expect regular periods with treatment. Hormone replacement therapy can make a person feel like his body is back on track again.

The Right Hormone Replacement Plan Could be the Answer

If you believe that you are suffering from low testosterone levels, hormone replacement therapy could be the solution for you. Make an appointment to see one of our physicians to discuss any troubling symptoms that you have been experiencing. Your physician will be able to evaluate you and point you in the right direction. Discuss your options and find out if low testosterone levels are in the blame for your symptoms. You can choose the treatment plan that works best for you and get started on the path to increased vitality so you feel like yourself again.